How should a battery be maintained?

Good battery maintenance should include the following: 1. Always keep the acid level between LOWER & UPPER lines. 2. Never allow the battery to stand in a discharged condition. 3. Charge the battery once a month. 4. Keep the battery clean, dry, and free of dirt. Clean battery Terminals to prevent corrosion. 5. Check cables, terminals, and case for damage or leaks

Sometimes a battery does not hold a charge. Why?

When a battery is in an excessively discharged state, it does not really accept a high current charge. The battery may appear to be accepting charge, but charging is occurring only at the surface of the plates. In such a case, the battery must be charged at a low current flow for an extended time

Why do winter months seem to bring more battery problems?

The main reason is that batteries have to work so much harder in cold weather. Engine oil is thick so engine-cranking effort is much higher. Battery charging efficiency decreases in cold temperatures.


Burns may occur from the heating effect of tools and conductive objects in contact with the live battery terminals or conductors. In addition, sparks and molten metal may be ejected and combustible materials, notably the gaseous fumes, ignited to cause potentially lethal explosions. It is possible to receive a service electric shock from charging equipment and from a number of batteries connected in series; i.e five or more 12 volt nominal.


Batteries, battery cases, battery acid, lead and compounds must not be burned but must be disposed of in accordance with the appropriate legislation and local authority rules and regulations.


The guarantee does not cover premature failure due to fair wear and tear.

Deterioration due to malfunction of any charging system.

Instances when the battery has been neglected or left in a discharged state.

Damage due to incorrect charge or over charge.

The use of the battery for any application not approved by this company.

damage due to the addition of any chemical additive other than distilled or deionised water.

The terms of this guarantee only apply to the original user of the battery and cannot be transferred. in the event of a claim being accepted, only the unexpired portion of the guarantee will apply to the replacement unit. The Company shall not be liable for the consequential loss or damage arising from or in connection with the battery supplies.

Application Guarantee

Peterol & Diesel Cars, 4x$, LCV 2 Years

HGV, PSV, Agricultural, Plant 1 Year

Motorbike, Lawn Mower 1 Year

Sealed Lead Acid Batteries 1 Year

N.B. Taxis, or private cars used as a Taxi or Hackney, Service Vehicles (e.g. Police, Fire Brigade, Ambulance) and vehicles used in a multi shift basis are NOT GUARANTED.