DOE Pre-checks/Preparations


Commercial vehicles are required to have passed a DOE (Department of Environment) test in order to obtain a CRW (Certificate of Road worthiness.) All commercial vehicles are required to undertake a DOE test once the vehicle is one year old and every year thereafter.

Quinn Fix Pre-DOE Preparation

Our approach to DOE testing is designed to minimise the cost to you. Rather than carrying out potentially unnecessary work on your car in advance of the DOE, we recommend a three stage approach

A. When you book your car into Quinn fix for a pre DOE check We will inspect your car thoroughly and carry out a pre DOE checklist.

B. If there are defects in the vehicle we put a quotation in place to make the repairs and contact the customer. At that point its up to the customer to make the decision weather they wish to repair the vehicle or bring it for its DOE first.

C. If you fail on a specific item, we will then repair that item as detailed by the DOE. This approach is designed to avoid speculative expenditure on work that is not necessary.